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New River, AZ homeowners - want honest garage repair service? Hire us, Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates. Our company is founded on solid relationships with homeowners and home builders. Over 20+ years, we’ve grown and now serve three metro areas in the southwest. Whether your garage door needs a tune-up, a panel replaced or a new opener, we can handle it.

New River has grown much since it’s early days as a stagecoach stop. Life moves faster and if you need to get out of your garage fast, you can rely on our 24/7 emergency service.

Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates is glad to serve these zip codes in New River, AZ:
85087, 85086

Cable Replacement

A broken cable can typically cause a fast-closing garage door. It should be replaced immediately to prevent injury while opening or closing the door. Give us a call if your garage door is slamming shut rapidly.

Cable Replacement Services

Garage Door Openers in Laveen, AZ - Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates

New Garage Doors in Tolleson, AZ

Installing a new garage door is like adding some of your individual style to your home. Choose from wood, steel, glass and other materials, too. With such a range of looks and designs to pick from, you can make your home feel more like yours when you update it with a new garage door.

New Garage Door Options

Spring Replacement in Laveen, AZ - Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates

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